Earth Equipment

What Earth Equipment Do

Earth Equipment specialise in the demoliton, recycling and composting industry.  Having built up a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area, we know we can help you increase throughput, divert from landfill, create revenue and save money being able to help your company reap the benefits by having the correct recycling solutions in place.  We pride ourselves on the reputation that we can be reached and we care about your company.  We understand that our customers’ demands and needs ultimately determine the decisions we make and we will endeavour to make sure you will always come first.

Who are Earth Equipment

Earth Equipment has over 35 years combined experience in the demolition, composting and recycling business sectors, we are dedicated to bring innovative alternatives to the recycling industry as a whole. Having worked in the industry and learned that quality and service can sometimes only be words linked with reputation that doesn’t deliver, we are devoted to offer the customer the knowledge that we are there to help, we have the machinery in place to help and we can always be reached. Contact us here.

Earth Equipment have concentrated on being able to sell quality machines and parts at a fair and economical price with the service and reliability that you have come to expect.  We believe that business should be performed with integrity and that is one of our most valuable attributes.

Earth Equipment have hen picked the best recycling machinery available to offer the customer and operator the best solution for their recycling needs, with manufacturers like, CRS, Maximus, Pronar and Portafill we can offer most recycling companies an almost one stop shop for all their requirements.

Give our machines a go, they deliver, produce and perform, or just give us a call to discuss an application, if we can help we will.

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