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Pronar release much anticipated New Tracked Trommel 18.47 Size.

Pronar release much anticipated New Tracked Trommel 18.47 Size.

5th December 2016

London wait no more, the new top of the range Pronar 18.47,  just gets better and better.  Earth Equipment are now offering this unique New Tracked Trommel machine. Giving customers and operators what they want.  An exceptionally sized trommel, now available on tracks that is affordable with the features of more expensive machines and the extras included as standard that you need.


Pronar 18.47 Details

The New Tracked Trommel, Pronar 18.47 is a mid size trommel machine, the drum is 4.7m long x 1.8m diameter of sieving media, which can be replaced (<10mins) by simply, sliding back hopper hydraulically, opening large side door and lifting out drum.

This machine retains all the advantages of smaller 14.44 and larger models, 20.55 and 20.72.  Automatic greasing, 1 year warranty, cartridge style components, exceptional maintenance benefits and optimum control functions.

The Pronar 18.47 new tracked trommel will accept the Doppstadt SM518 trommel drum allowing the customer to utilise other drum media should they have it or need to rent it.

The Pronar 18.47 New Tracked Trommel Machine has been designed to compete with Doppstadt SM518, Powerscreen trommel range,  Komptech trommel range, Terra Select trommel range and other machines of this type.  The Pronar 18.47 is the latest machine to the market, with all the benefits of other brands whilst improving functionality, making this machine the most up to date, robust, innovative and affordable machine on the market.

Key features

  • Accurate sizing [aperture sizes can be between 5-100mm]
  • Quick and easy drum change
  • Proven, reliable technology
  • Engine Bay swing out to aid with maintenance
  • Low maintenance
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Long reach conveyors
  • One-man operation
  • Low operating costs
  • Large swinging doors around machine to aid with access and maintenance
  • Diesel electric option enable powering for zero indoor emissions
  • Automatic greasing as standard
  • Adjustable rear and side conveyor speed controls as standard
  • Load Sensing on drum (if the drum is becoming overloaded, the feeder will automatically slow down or stop until ready to go again)


Why Use a Trommel

Reliable, self cleaning and precise

  • Using a large interchangeable metal drum perforated with required hole size, these machines utilise huge surface area within a small foot print. Trommels consistently produce accurate sizing of almost any waste type, tumbling and sifting the material through while keeping the drum holes clean with a hydraulically foldable brush.  Combined with high fuel efficiency, reliability and independent operation, it not only produces top quality material but benefits from very low operating costs.

Pronar Trommels

  • Quick drum change enables you to change size grade from 5-100mm in moments [<10 min].  Utilising outstanding ergonomics, these machines are not only a luxury to work with but a pleasure to work on, centred around:


  • Short set up times thanks to simple hydraulically foldable and driven discharge conveyors, these machines can be folded up and ready for transport in under 10 minutes


  • Large protection doors, swing out engine unit, cartridge style components simple to remove, automatic greasing, 1 year warranty, give for a reliable asset.


  • Interchangeable drums can have square, round or diamond holes depending upon application from 6-10mm thickness with perforations between 5-100mm.  These machines can screen any mediums if setup correctly.

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