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High Speed Shredders

High Speed Shredders

Doppstadt AK430 (Wheeled) High Speed Shredder suitable for all high speed shredding applications. Brilliant sized machine perfect for the large to medium sized contractor with hydraulic self propel. Extremely competitive rates.


Doppstadt AK430 Wheeled High Speed Shredders Rental

Doppstadt AK430 Wheeled High Speed Shredders are suitable for all high speed shredding applications.  Brilliant sized machine perfect for the large to medium sized contractor.  Comes complete with:

  • Radio remote control
  • Head Drum Magnet
  • Range of baskets/screens available for machine
  • 5m extended conveyor
  • Automatic Fire suppression

Why use the Doppstadt AK430 

The Doppstadt AK430 high speed shredders are probably one of the most popular high speed shredders in the UK.  This machine is very good at producing an even sized material gradation, the rotor spins clockwise flailing the material against and upper shark teeth concave then it hits the basket.  This action is unique to top quality shredders, where other high speed shredders spin counter clockwise, which means that the material when it is caught by the rotor, the rotor is pushing the material through the basket.  This creates long slithers of material.  Most incinerator prefer an even sized material as it is less likely to cause blockages etc.

Why use a High Speed Shredder

High speed shredders are used to produce smaller material sizes, material that a slow speed can’t create.  Some operators use the high and slow speed shredder together, the slow speed giving the material the initial shred, and taking out as much metal as possible, then it gets fed into the high speed shredder, this greatly reduces wear and damage potential in the high speed shredder chamber.  Working out to cost less per ton to produce the material than using a high speed shredder on its own.

A high speed shredder of course can be run on its own, but the operator has to be careful when loading the machine, with the rotor flailing around at high speed if there is large metal contaminants, the risk of damage is quite high.  Saying this 75-80% of high speed shredding is carried out as a solo operation.

The general process

When the material enters a yard to be high speed shredded, the operator will use a selecta grab to pick the material to go into the high speed infeed floor.  Quality checking as he goes along to make sure there is no large metal contaminants etc.  This material is brought forward in the hopper and is pressed under a large infeed roller which rotates to push the material in against the rotor.  When the material hits the rotor it is flailed against an upper concave (like a set of metal sharks teeth)  the material is initially broken against this, then it goes on around and hits the basket/screen.  The basket/screen is shaped to be a cutting edge with the required aperture of piece size, i.e. 70mm etc.  The 70mm minus material will go through the basket, the oversize will go back around the rotor hitting the lower concave to be broken again, and then back around to the upper concave and so on.

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