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High Speed Shredders

High Speed Shredders

Tim SD1600 High Speed Shredder suitable for all high speed shredding applications. With out a doubt one of the best large high speed shredders on the market equipped with unique functions that bring this machine way ahead of the rest. Range of baskets to suit various applications along with an overhand magnet, automatic greasing and fire suppression this machine is ready to go to work and perform.

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Large Tim SD1600 High Speed Shredder suitable for all high speed shredding applications.  With out a doubt one of the best high speed shredders on the market equipped with unique functions that bring this machine way ahead of the rest.

Why use a High Speed Shredder

High speed shredders are used to produce smaller material sizes, material that a slow speed can’t create.  Some operators use the high and slow speed shredder together, the slow speed giving the material the initial shred, and taking out as much metal as possible, then it gets fed into the high speed shredder, this greatly reduces wear and damage potential in the high speed shredder chamber.  Working out to cost less per ton to produce the material than using a high speed shredder on its own.

A high speed shredder of course can be run on its own, but the operator has to be careful when loading the machine, with the rotor flailing around at high speed if there is large metal contaminants, the risk of damage is quite high.  Saying this 75-80% of high speed shredding is carried out as a solo operation.

The general process

When the material enters a yard to be high speed shredded, the operator will use a selecta grab to pick the material to go into the high speed infeed floor.  Quality checking as he goes along to make sure there is no large metal contaminants etc.  This material is brought forward in the hopper and is pressed under a large infeed roller which rotates to push the material in against the rotor.  When the material hits the rotor it is flailed against an upper concave (like a set of metal sharks teeth)  the material is initially broken against this, then it goes on around and hits the basket/screen.  The basket/screen is shaped to be a cutting edge with the required aperture of piece size, i.e. 70mm etc.  The 70mm minus material will go through the basket, the oversize will go back around the rotor hitting the lower concave to be broken again, and then back around to the upper concave and so on.

Benefits of the Tim SD1600

2 Piece basket – Tim SD1600 has 2 baskets that clam shell together, giving the largest overall surface area of screening area for a machine in this size range.  (With more shredding basket open surface area, means more production)

In feed floor hydraulically lifts – The Feeder floor and upper chassis lift up hydraulically to give unparalleled access to the shredding chamber, the floor slats, and the under carriage etc.  The only machine like this that gives this feature.

Rear hood can be opened when machine running safely – Normally on high speed shredders, the rotor starts to rotate as soon as the engine is turned on, the Tim SD1600 can have the engine on and the rotor not turning because it is clutch driven, meaning that you have to engage the clutch in order to turn the rotor.  This is a huge safety feature, as most shredders will open their rear hood, with the rotor rotating at full revolutions.  EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

Infeed roller – Infeed roller lifts up in the air a lot higher than any other machine, allowing it to grab material and pull it into the shredding chamber.  Usually this can be the swans neck on a lot of machines limiting the shredding potential of the machine, the Tim doesn’t have this problem.


Machine Extras

Range of baskets available for rental
Machine comes with over band magnet
Fire suppression unit fitted
automatic greasing unit fitted
Radio remote control
hydraulic self propel
7 metre discharge conveyor capable of over 4m stock pile height
hydraulic tension on power belts

Tim SD1600 Machine Details

Weight 24 Ton

Width (2.55m) x length (10.03m) x height (3.85m)

Engine – John Deere 6135HF485

Performance – 600 Hp /448 kW

Rear Conveyor – 7m long x 1.4m wide

discharge height – 4.15m


Service Details

We have just refurbed this machine under 900 hours ago, which involved

new rotor shaft
new big in feed roller
new metal in feed conveyor
new belt under rotor
new turbo
good power belts
tyres all good
This machine is ready to go to work and stay at work.  Get in contact or give us a call for further information

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