How to Deal with Contaminated Waste

How to Deal with Contaminated Waste

Contaminated Waste and How to Deal With It

How to deal with contaminated waste.

Responsible Waste Solutions: Earth Equipments Path to a Greener Tomorrow

At Earth Equipment, we understand the challenges of managing contaminated waste responsibly. Whether it’s asbestos, chemicals, or illegally dumped materials, proper handling is crucial to protect the environment and public health. Here’s our expert advice on tackling these issues and promoting sustainable waste management practices. Click here for information from the UK Government in regards to Hazardous waste.

For sites contaminated with hazardous materials like asbestos and chemicals, safety is paramount. Consider our mobile picking stations equipped with advanced safety features to protect workers during the waste sorting process. Our range of picking stations offers efficient material separation while minimising risks, ensuring a secure environment for your team.  Please also see our compact mobile picking cabins

When dealing with illegally dumped waste, rapid and effective sorting is essential to mitigate its impact. Our versatile screeners can efficiently separate different materials, allowing you to identify recyclable items and harmful substances for proper disposal. By employing screeners, you can efficiently process waste, minimising its environmental impact and facilitating responsible waste management.

For large-scale waste sorting challenges, Trommels offer an ideal solution. These robust machines efficiently screen and separate materials, optimising recycling efforts. With our Trommels, you can streamline the waste separation process, enhancing resource recovery and minimising waste sent to landfills.

For tackling contaminated waste without compromising safety or efficiency, our Screenpod Air Vacuum is an innovative choice. This cutting-edge air suction vacuum effectively removes light fractions like plastics from various materials, ensuring seamless waste management eliminating manual labour almost completely. By incorporating this vacuum unit, you can achieve unparalleled waste separation and contribute to a greener future.

Promote sustainability and responsible waste management with Earth Equipment’s mechanical solutions. Our mobile picking stations, screeners, Trommels, and Air Vacuum units offer the tools you need to tackle contaminated waste effectively, paving the way for a cleaner and healthier environment.  Click here for a short read on our asbestos cleanup compact mobile picking cabins