Soil Remediation

Soil Remediation

Soil Remediation to remove contaminants and allow soil to be reinstated

What is Soil Remediation

Soil remediation is the process of taking a deemed hazardous material, removing the contamination and reinstating it.  This process involves various technologies depending upon the foreign object or substance involved.



Asbestos Soil Remediation

Asbestos contamination is one of the most prevalent problems on a lot of sites. Lack of new available land for building means contractors are now forced to use brown field sites.   Often these sites are coming from former industrial sites where asbestos has been deposited or dispersed within made ground, resulting in asbestos contaminated soils.  This problem is often exacerbated by poorly controlled demolition practices, resulting in asbestos fragments becoming spread across the site surface and/or throughout crushed materials.  The presence of asbestos can result in significant potential liabilities, programme delays and escalating costs for landowners and developers.


Earth Equipment Ltd can supply a screening machine with a small mobile picking cabin, which  allows the material to be split into more manageable fractions.  It is normally quite clear that the faction with most contamination is the mid fraction which will therefore feed into a small mobile picking cabin where in a controlled environment the asbestos can be picked to clean the material.


Soil Remediation Bioremediation

Earth Equipment Ltd supply various machinery to deal with a lot of the common contaminants or machinery that can be used along side technological treatments that can be introduced to alter the material on a biological level.  Organic contaminants provide an energy source for naturally occurring micro-organisms present within the soil (i.e. bacteria).  Under the right conditions, organisms will degrade organic contaminants to form less toxic and more stable materials.

These processes can be enhanced by manipulating the conditions within the soils that enable the relevant micro-organisms to both thrive and interact with the contaminants.  The presence of nutrients and available carbon within the soil will provide the basic building blocks for the organisms and can be artificially increased with the application of various bio-nutrient products or fertilisers. Optimising pH, temperature, moisture and oxygen conditions can boost populations and enable maximum interaction with the contaminant.


Utilising Screeners to separate the material in to different fractions, with the assistance of spray bars over the screen deck containing a mixture of chemicals to boost the bio organisms is the perfect way to make sure that nature does its work.  Once the material is treated it can be stored in wind rows to manage heat, assist and speed up the bioremediation process.


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