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M&J 6000M Mobile Pre-Shred

M&J 6000M Mobile Pre-Shred

M&J 6000M Mobile Pre-Shred Shredders, exceptionally large and robust, capable of shredding almost every waste stream, offering different shredding table configurations to optimise performance in terms of piece size and efficiency.


M&J 6000M Mobile Pre-Shred is easily transportable waste shredding machine used in waste recycling and waste processing applications. It can handle many types of waste from municipal solid waste, industrial and commercial waste to bulky waste – and produce at a very high capacity.


M&J PreShred 6000M Mobile pre-shred

M&J 6000M Mobile Pre-Shred is the largest model in M&J’s mobile pre-shredders family. It is available as a track-mounted (on crawlers) or a wheel-mounted (on trailer) version.

Equipped with a powerful engine and featuring an extremely robust construction, M&J PreShred 6000M is often used in transfer stations, landfills, composting and recycling stations.

In addition to regular municipal, industrial and commercial waste, M&J PreShred 6000M can be trusted to shred also challenging waste materials such as rocks, reinforced concrete, solid steel and other extremely heavy or bulky materials like large bales of paper, plastic and carboard.

Excellent uptime 

M&J 6000M mobile pre-shred features an open cutting table allowing stones and other hard particles, like metals, to fall through the cutting area. The open cutting table design and bi-directional shredding system increase safety and reduce risk of malfunctions that hinder operations.

All knives and wear-exposed parts of M&J 6000M Pre-Shred are made from wear resistant steel, ensuring continuous and long-lasting performance. Bolts and bearings are conveniently mounted away from the cutting area, allowing for easy access and maintenance to reduce costly downtime. 

Intelligent performance

M&J 6000M mobile pre-shred can be adjusted to any waste processing requirements. Its bi-directional knife assembly runs both clockwise and counterclockwise with equal speed and torque. The shredder can change the rotation direction when encountering challenging materials, enabling self-feeding and eliminating the need for a pusher.

M&J PreShred 6000M is equipped an intelligent control unit that automatically adjusts shredding routines to processed material characteristics. The control unit has 6 standard programs and 2 custom programs, which permit the creation of tailored shredding routines for maximized performance.

Advanced design

The mobile pre-shredder has a large cutting table, two shafts, and an aggressive heavy-duty knife assembly. The robust frame is designed to require less power to operate, minimizing energy consumption without sacrificing output.


Unlike the stationary pre-shredders, this M&J PreShred 6000M can be easily moved even while in active use. This provides you with similar volume capacities, but with the added benefit of improved flexibility.

Due to versatility and ability to work with bulky, industrial and hazardous materials, and shred them to small grain sizes, M&J PreShred 6000M can be placed near collection points in a variety of plants and landfills. This significantly decreases the volume of the shredded material and minimizes transportation costs.