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M&J Shredders

M&J Shredders

M&J Recycling is among the leading global green-tech companies within waste recycling. Experience the power and precision of M&J Shredders, trusted by industries worldwide for their innovation and effectiveness. Contact us today to explore the range of M&J Shredders and discover the perfect fit for your waste processing needs


M&J Shredders

Empowering Waste Management: M&J Shredders, UK’s Top Choice 

Welcome to Earth Equipment Ltd, your trusted source for the M&J shredder – a true powerhouse in waste processing. As a leading supplier of environmental solutions, we are proud to offer the M&J 4000 for all your shredding needs. This mobile shredder is designed to handle a wide range of materials, from bulky industrial waste to wood, green waste, and more.

The M&J 4000 mobile shredder is equipped with advanced technology and cutting-edge features, ensuring exceptional performance and efficiency. With its robust design and high throughput capacity, this shredder can process large volumes of waste quickly, reducing material size for further processing or recycling.

At Earth Equipment Ltd, we understand the importance of versatility and convenience in shredding operations. The M&J 4000 mobile shredder’s compact design and mobility make it ideal for on-site shredding, minimizing transportation costs and enhancing overall efficiency.

Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in making the most out of the M&J 4000 mobile shredder. We provide support throughout the rental process, ensuring you have the right shredder for your specific applications.

Experience the power and performance of the M&J 4000 mobile shredder. Partner with Earth Equipment Ltd for this innovative solution, and discover how our shredder can transform your waste processing efforts. Contact us today to discuss your shredding requirements and unlock the full potential of the M&J 4000 mobile shredder.

M&J Shredders are machines utilised in recycling and waste processing applications. They can reduce various waste materials that differ in dimensions, sort, weight and composition to create a homogenous, uniform shape and size for more efficient processing, storing and transportation. Waste shredders are available as stationary and mobile versions.


Waste shredders for various materials and applications

Waste shredders are designed for processing different solid waste materials. Many are in use in applications such as refuse-derived fuel (RDF) production, biomass processing, waste-to-energy plants, composting applications and in mechanical biological treatment plants (MBT).

Waste shredders can reduce the size of multiple waste types such as bulky waste, commercial and industrial waste, municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste, biomass, wood, as well as baled materials or even to liberate bagged material.

M&J’s waste shredder range consists of pre-shredders and fine shredders. Pre-shredders are available as stationary and mobile versions, fine-shredders as stationary versions.

Pre – Shreddering

Pre-shredders are engineered for the first mechanical stage of the waste recycling process. They can take in all kinds of waste in various shapes and sizes and reduce the material to smaller and uniform size for easier sorting, storing or transportation.  Using years of experience, M&J have produced different configuration shredding tables and knives designs for different applications offering solutions to applications that other machines just can’t handle.

Stationary Pre – Shredders

Stationary pre-shredders are the optimal choice in applications where mobility of equipment is not required. M&J’s stationary pre-shredders range is divided into two different product families according to size. M&J K-Series pre-shredders are smaller in size and capacity, while M&J PreShred Series pre-shredders are larger in physical size and have higher throughput. Click here to see all products offered by M&J

Mobile Pre – Shredders

Mobile pre-shredders are equipped with the same shredding units as stationary pre-shredders. However, different mobile pre-shredder models are built either on tracks or trailer mounted, which makes them easy to move at a production site or transport between sites when needed.  New technology has allowed the M&J mobile shredders to be run by electric, using an on board battery pack to track the unit into place, it is then plugged into a 3 phase electrical connection which allows the machine to run more efficiently, quietly, less downtime whilst offering more eco credentials. Click here to see mobile pre – shredders

Fines Shredders

Fine-shredders are reliable and efficient recycling machines that are designed to reduce the pre-processed waste to even more precise size and shape. Fine-shredders are always stationary and highly suitable especially for the refuse-derived fuel (RDF) production but can also process other recyclable materials effectively.  M&J fines shredders are uniquely designed to minimise downtime by eliminating the need to readjust the gap as the knives wear out.  Using innovative rotor design and knife holders M&J has perfected its design to make its pdf shredder one of the best in the world. Click here to see M&J Fines Shredders


Waste shredders increase output and cut costs in many applications


Recycling centres and transfer stations

Like most materials, waste is usually expensive to transport. Waste is often awkwardly sized and heavy, which makes it difficult to pack the waste tightly and minimise void space. Bulky objects require more space and increase transportation costs.

Waste shredders are necessary in these facilities to reduce the collected waste to a homogenous and manageable size. Smaller-sized waste can then be transported in larger volumes to other locations which makes relocating easier and reduces transportation costs.


Biomass power plants and biomass production

Biomass is an organic energy source that can be anything from forestry to agricultural wastes. It is an attractive fuel for operators of incineration facilities who are keen to reduce their overall carbon emissions.  A win win for both parties.

Waste shredders are commonly used to improve the quality of biomass – to make the organic fuel consistent and optimal in size and shape for maximal energy production.


Waste-to-Energy plants

As the name suggests, Waste-to-Energy plants use waste as the main energy source. The waste fuel can be produced from almost any type of waste like bulky waste, municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste, wood, construction and demolition waste, biomass, or baled materials like straw.

In Waste to Energy plants waste shredders are used to reduce the mixed waste to an optimal grain size utilising both a pre shred and a fines shredder to generate a consistent flow for maximised energy output by incineration.


Refuse-derived fuel production

Waste is a potential source of energy for various manufacturing and processing plants. Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) is a solid fuel that can be combusted to generate energy. RDF is made from mixed waste, and it is a common energy source for example in Waste-to-Energy plants, gasification plants and cement kilns.

Waste shredders are often utilised in RDF production to reduce the mixed waste to a homogenous size and shape that improves combustion and maximises the energy output from the waste fuel.


Mechanical Biological Treatment

Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) facility is a waste processing plant that combines sorting and biological treatment like digestion and composting. Three most common outputs of an MBT plant are recyclables like plastics and metals, materials used for land reclamation, and waste fuels like refuse-derived fuel.

In MBT plants, waste shredders reduce the mixed waste to a homogenous and manageable size that is easier to sort, digest and compost. Thanks to shredding, both the mechanical and biological processes are more efficient, resulting in increased profitability.