Small Mobile Picking Cabin The Site Master

Small Mobile Picking Cabin The Site Master

The Site Master Mobile Picking Cabin

Small Mobile Picking Cabin – The Sitemaster


Small Cabin – Big Impact : The Sitemaster delivers efficient hardcore, soil & asbestos picking solutions on the move.

The Site Master Small Mobile Picking Cabin, is a truly innovative solution for cleanup of materials in tight compact yards.  These units are perfect to use after a crusher or screener to allow operatives to clean materials in a safe and dry location.  Materials are being presented on a conveyor that the operative can simply turn a speed control switch to either speed up or slow down the throughput.   The days of operatives walking around sites carrying bins are a thing of the past.


On a simple drawbar these units are hauled to site on a low loader, off loaded and towed to the required position and ready to go.  Simply plug the Site Master small mobile picking cabin in and it is ready to go, giving the operatives a comfortable ergonomic atmosphere  where they have lights and heating to keep them comfortable, not to mention the safety aspects.  Most sites have excavators, loading shovels and other large machinery were accidents can unfortunately happen.  Using the The Site Master small mobile picking cabin allows the contractor to know that his staff are able to perform their jobs in a safe environment.  These units offer safety to both operatives within the cabin and operatives controlling the larger machinery, taking people off the ground reduces the risks of injury exponentially.


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The uses for these units are endless.


Compost cleanup

Asbestos contamination cleanup

Crusher run cleanup

General screened material cleanup

Glass cleanup

Cardboard or paper separation  etc…..


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Earth Equipment Ltd have used these units in conjunctions with some of our screens to give a truly bespoke solution to the contractors needs.   See video below of the site master been used hardcore cleanup process in a skip yard