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Nakamaya Overband Lights Vacuum

Nakamaya Overband Lights Vacuum

Discover Nakayama NAS1200T Overband Air Vacuum, the cutting edge solution offered by Earth Equipment for efficient waste separation. Say goodbye to light plastics in compost or hardcore materials with this eco friendly and durable technology.

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Overband Lights Vacuum

Light Plastics, No Problem! Nakayama NAS1200T: Earth Equipments Sustainable Solution

Introducing the Nakayama NAS1200T Overband Lights Vacuum, the revolutionary solution for efficient separation of light fractions from various materials, proudly offered by Earth Equipment, the leading dealers of innovative waste management solutions. This state-of-the-art air suction vacuum is designed to tackle the challenge of removing light plastics from compost or hardcore materials, ensuring a seamless and eco-friendly waste management process.

As an exclusive dealer for Nakayama NAS1200T Overband Air Vacuum, Earth Equipment brings you a game-changer in the waste separation industry. Unlike standard industrial vacuum units that are prone to damage when dealing with light plastics, this cutting-edge device boasts exceptional durability and reliability. Its advanced engineering ensures the extraction of light fractions without compromising the integrity of the unit itself, leading to extended product lifespan and reduced maintenance costs.

By choosing Nakayama NAS1200T Overband Air Vacuum from Earth Equipment, businesses can significantly enhance their waste sorting efficiency. The seamless extraction of light plastics from compost or hardcore materials allows operators to streamline their waste management operations, improve recycling rates, and reduce landfill contributions. This not only benefits the environment but also adds value to businesses by optimizing resource utilization and promoting sustainability.

In summary, Earth Equipment proudly presents the Nakayama NAS1200T Overband Air Vacuum – a cutting-edge waste separation technology. With their expertise and commitment to eco-friendly solutions, Earth Equipment is your trusted partner in bringing unparalleled performance, durability, and environmental consciousness to your waste management needs. Experience the difference with Nakayama NAS1200T from Earth Equipment today and Vastuss!

How it Works

  1. Material is fed onto single deck screen, the highly efficient screen separates minus fraction, presenting the oversize material to the overband vacuum.  The minus fraction which passes through the screen media is taken away by the conveyor underneath.
  2. The oversize material that doesn’t pass through the screen, is presented to the overband vacuum, the vacuum, sucks the light fraction onto a rotating mesh belt, which transfer that material a short distance and drops it in a controlled location.

Benefits of this system

Most vacuum systems pull material into a high speed impeller, whilst this works very well, it creates a lot of wear over time and can cause blockages if the oversize lights is large.  Utilising the perforated belt eliminate the wear exponentially and also prevents blockages as the light fraction doesn’t get near the impeller.  See below diagram.  If you would like further information on this unit please click here to get in contact

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