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M&J Fines Shredder

M&J Fines Shredder

As a leading name in waste processing, M&J fines shredder sets a new standard for finely shredding materials with unparalleled accuracy. Experience the power and reliability of the M&J fines shredder, trusted by industries worldwide for its innovation and effectiveness. Contact us today to explore the range of M&J Fines Shredders

M&J Fines Shredder

Fine Shredding made effortless with Precision at its Finest: Earth Equipment’s M&J Fines Shredder


Welcome to Earth Equipment Ltd, your premier destination for M&J fine shredding machines. As a leading supplier of environmental solutions, we are proud to offer the cutting-edge M&J fine shredders designed to excel in fine shredding applications. Whether you’re handling confidential documents, electronic waste, or other sensitive materials, our fine shredding machines deliver unparalleled precision and efficiency.

M&J fine shredding machines are equipped with advanced technology and robust features, ensuring seamless processing of various materials. With adjustable cutting settings and high-speed operation, these shredders can finely shred materials to the desired size, maximizing material recovery and promoting responsible waste management.

At Earth Equipment, we understand that fine shredding demands precise solutions. Our team of experts will guide you in selecting the most suitable M&J fine shredding machine for your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime.

Experience the power and reliability of M&J fine shredding machines. Partner with Earth Equipment Ltd for the latest in fine shredding technology, and witness how our equipment can transform your waste processing operations. Contact us today to discuss your fine shredding needs and unlock the full potential of M&J fine shredding machines in achieving superior results for your projects.




The M&J Fines Shredder consists of three members – M&J F140, M&J F210 and M&J F320. The series can therefore meet the capacity needs of the vast majority of customers – not least because the pusher adapt easily and quickly to different materials, without even stopping production. See M&J home Page


M&J fines-shredder for waste recycling applications

Fines-shredders are reliable and efficient recycling machines that are designed to reduce the pre-processed waste to smaller size with precise and uniform shape. All fine-shredders are highly suitable for the refuse-derived fuel (RDF and SRF) production but can also process other recyclable materials effectively.

M&J’s fine-shredders range is known as M&J FineShred Series fine-shredders consisting of single rotor models, each with different specifications to meet your operational needs.  The fines shredder works very well with M&J Pre shred – click here for M&J Pre-Shredders


Versatile options

As they generate very little heat, it enables them to run for a longer time and keep your operations profitable.

They are equipped with a highly sensitive pusher to feed material into the rotor, which ensures that material is not forced into the machine, allowing operations to run smoothly.


Excellent performance

Adaptable to smaller grain sizes, fine-shredders can produce a consistent output of 10 mm – 100 mm.

The innovative hydrostatic system in the hydraulic drive increases production of the highest output available. The self-centering and shock resistant knife holders are designed with a multi-edged rotor and cutting tolerance of 0.3 mm, resulting in an extremely fine shred. These features help reduce the heat on the screen, increasing uptime.

A continuously adjustable rotor speed also ensures optimal performance while processing different materials, and a variable cutting speed and screen selection provide your operations with excellent efficiency.


Safe and easy maintenance

The servicing and cleaning of knives and rotors is hassle-free process across all fine-shredders.

Safe and convenient access is provided via both sides of  the rotor.

The inbuilt immediate protection system minimizes damage by detecting foreign materials such as iron and initiates a complete stop in just two seconds. This significantly reduces downtime caused by breakdowns and optimizes overall capacity performance.

All fine-shredder models produce minimal fine particles and dust emissions, making them safe to operate.


Wide range of applications

Fines-shredders are ideal for the production of RDF/SRF but can also provide value in the processing of other waste.

The fine-shredders produce granules which can be transported by either screw or belt conveyors, providing you with more flexibility and making them an ideal partner for all recycling needs.