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Tracked Conveyor – Metsberg T5036

Tracked Conveyor – Metsberg T5036

Embrace sustainability with Earth Equipments Metsberg T5036 tracked conveyor. Reduce emissions, material degradation and reduce the load on the wheeled shovel, making it a greener and more efficient choice for material handling


Tracked conveyor – Metsberg T5036

Elevate Efficiency, Go Green Convey Clean & Reduce your Emissions: Metsberg T5036 Tracked Conveyor


Welcome to Earth Equipment, your trusted source for high-quality Metsberg T5036 tracked conveyor available for both sale and rental. As a leading supplier of environmental solutions, we are proud to offer the innovative Metsberg T5036 tracked conveyor, designed to meet a wide range of material handling needs. Whether you require efficient material transfer for construction, mining, or recycling projects, the T5036 is the ideal solution.

The Metsberg T5036 tracked conveyor is equipped with advanced features, including a robust and versatile design, ensuring smooth and reliable performance. With its durable tracks and adjustable conveyor height, this conveyor can effortlessly handle various materials, from aggregates and soils to bulky waste.

At Earth Equipment, we understand that flexibility is crucial for our customers. That’s why we offer both sales and rental options for the Metsberg T5036 tracked conveyor. Whether you need a short-term conveyor solution for a specific project or a long-term addition to your equipment fleet, we’ve got you covered.

Experience the efficiency and reliability of the Metsberg T5036 tracked conveyor. Partner with Earth Equipment for your material handling needs, and explore our sales and rental options to find the perfect fit for your projects. Contact us today to discuss tracked conveyors and discover how it can optimise your material handling operations.


Using a Metsberg T5036 Tracked conveyor is the next big step in  streamlining your material production.  The Metsberg Tracked conveyor is the ideal solution for stock piling after a mobile crusher, screener or an addition to a static plant.  The mobility and flexibility of  tracked conveyors greatly reduces the use of a wheel loader on site.  With the material being transported to a stockpile directly material degradation is also seriously reduced.  Earth Equipment Ltd supply and rent out tracked conveyors on a weekly basis.  These units give the contractor more flexibility whether operators didn’t turn up for work, or they are trying to get other work done, the material can be stock piled and sorted out later.  Allowing operators to continue to create material on the ground.


Tracked conveyors can come in different sizes, contact Earth Equipment today, and let us know what you need, we have a range of machinery in our yard, wheeled and tracked units available.

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Benefits of Metsberg T5036 Tracked conveyor

  1. Reduce need for wheel loader on site, sometimes eliminating wheel loader altogether
  2. Reduce Fuel, Labour and Maintenance on site
  3. Fuel consumption typically from 3-5l per hour.
  4. Stockpiling rates from 100TPH to 1000TPH
  5. Stockpiling 0 – 200mm material
  6. Environmental benefits, noise reduction, dust and emissions
  7. Safety Benefits – Less site traffic
  8. Easily folded and transported
  9. Self contained unit, minimum training required
  10. Conical stockpiles of material, minimum material degradation.



Metsberg T5036 Tracked Conveyor Specs

Engine – Cat/Perkins 18..4KW

Capacity – 300 tonnes per hour

Stockpile height – 7m high

Machine Weight – 9.5ton

Umbilical remote control tracking

Comes available either as a diesel engine hydraulic drive tracking and conveyor or option to have diesel engine for transport only, main conveyor plugs into electric, significantly reducing emission and improving eco credentials.