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Earth Equipment Ltd Supply Large Compost Trommel, one of the largest Static trommels in the UK

Earth Equipment Ltd Supply Large Compost Trommel, one of the largest Static trommels in the UK

2nd March 2021

Earth Equipment Ltd supply one of the largest static trommels in the UK.  A colossal 16m long by 2m diameter drum giving 4 different fractions.  We supplied this large compost trommel into an application to increase their throughput and quality of material.


Bunker Feeder

The material is fed into a large 30m^3 bunker hopper with large flailing drums at the front to liberate as much of the compost as possible.  This allows it to travel up the incline conveyor as easily as possible.  These agitating drums are set to automatically back of the chain floor if there is too much pressure on the drums.  This avoids damage and downtime due to blockages.


Incline Conveyor

The material is fed onto the incline conveyor where it goes under an overband magnet, the overrand magnet removes any ferrous material within the compost improving the quality of the end product while getting a return on the recycling ferrous.



Large Compost Trommel

Travelling up the incline conveyor it then drops into the huge trommel drum where it is separated into different fractions, this drum is split into 3 sections to allow for the different fractions to be liberated using a tumbling action while the brushes on the exterior of the trommel drum keep the drum as clean as possible.


12mm Aperture

The 1st section which accounts for half the drum length 8m has a 12mm square aperture.  This is producing a fantastic -12mm product.


20mm Aperture

The 2nd section which is 4m long has a 20mm aperture which is producing a minus 20mm – 12mm product.


40mm Aperture

The 3rd section is a 40mm aperture, producing a 40mm to 20mm product.



Ending with an oversize coming out the end of the drum onto an incline conveyor where a vacuum is removing as much of the lights fraction/contamination as possible with the oversize falling into a large metal walled bay.


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