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Electric Jaw Crusher Dendoman NE100J 10ton

Electric Jaw Crusher Dendoman NE100J 10ton

Nakayama Dendoman NE100J Electric Jaw Crusher – a revolutionary solution for efficient eco – friendly crushing. At Earth Equipment, we are proud to offer this cutting edge crusher, powered by electricity for reduced emissions and lower operational costs

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Electric Jaw Crusher – 10t

Earth Equipment: Unleashing Crushing Power, Sustainably!

Welcome to Earth Equipment, where we proudly present the Nakayama Dendoman NE100J Electric Jaw Crusher – a game-changer in the world of crushing technology. Designed with innovation and efficiency in mind, this hybrid jaw crusher is available for both sale and rental options, offering unparalleled flexibility for your project needs.

The Nakayama Dendoman NE100J Electric Jaw Crusher embodies the perfect fusion of power and eco-friendliness. Powered by electricity, it delivers high-performance crushing while significantly reducing carbon emissions and operational costs. Its advanced features and intelligent design make it an ideal solution for various applications, whether you’re processing aggregates, demolishing concrete structures, or recycling materials.

Our team takes immense pride in offering this cutting-edge crusher, which seamlessly integrates into your operations, boosting productivity and ensuring consistent, high-quality results. With the focus on electric powered jaw crushers, you can rest assured that our expertise and support are dedicated to helping you leverage the full potential of this innovative equipment.

Unlock the advantages of eco-friendly crushing without compromising on performance. Explore our webpage to learn more about the Nakayama Dendoman NE100J Electric Jaw Crusher, available for sale and rental. Take a step towards sustainable crushing solutions and elevate your project to new heights with us. #ElectricJawCrusher #SustainableCrushing #InnovativeTechnology #CrushingSolutions


How it Works

The Dendoman Electric Jaw Crusher has a small incorporated diesel engine for use when tracking on site.  Once in position, the engine is turned off and the unit is plugged into either 3 phase mains or a site generator.  All operations to do with crushing are electrically driven.  It is generally accepted that uptime with electric power is 10% higher than diesel alternatives, thus producing a more efficient means of crushing. (Please note the 10t crusher has the option of having batteries, which negate the diesel engine completely, and bring down the power required to run this unit exponentially.  On board batteries have the capacity to offer 4 hours continuous crushing unplugged)

Emission laws are only getting stricter, currently within London a machine has to have a tier 5 engine to be allowed to work, utilising an electric operated machine will be an investment for the future allowing industry to continue working while protecting the environment.

Experience the power and performance of the Nakayama Dendoman electric 10t jaw crusher. Partner with Earth Equipment Ltd to revolutionize your crushing and recycling operations. Contact us today or why not speak to Eugene Donnelly from Vastuss to explore the features of the Nakayama Dendoman and discover how our jaw crusher can elevate your crushing endeavors to new heights of efficiency and sustainability.

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