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Pronar 2.85 Slow Speed Shredder

Pronar 2.85 Slow Speed Shredder

Pronar Slow Speed Shredder, Huge power with reduction in mind, this machine sets the bar and goes on to break it again and again. Utilising a twin shaft setup with various shaft and breaker bar configurations, these machines can be setup for a specific application or to do a range of applications. Coming with either tracked or wheeled chassis mean that all contractors can have the machine that best suits their requirements.

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Pronar Slow Speed Shredder Details

Pronar MRW 2.85 Mobile Slow Speed Shredder is a universal machine for processing various materials including municipal waste, construction and demolition waste, commercial and industrial waste, wood waste, tree stumps, mattresses, paper rolls, plastics, films and various other materials.  Utilising a twin shaft configuration with various shaft and breaker bar configurations this machine can be setup to specialise on a particular waste stream, or a broad range of applications.


Using a 298 KW Caterpillar Engine, offering over 400Hp gives this machine has all the grunt needed to shred through most applications without any loss of power.  Shredding is performed by two syn- chronized shafts located in the main chamber giving excellent and consistent throughput, offering extremely efficient running costs.

Pronar are the latest to the market with these slow speed shredders,  bringing with them all the benefits of the other known brands, Haas, Terex, Doppstadt Hammel and Arjes mean that Pronar have hen picked the best features and put them in one nicely packaged machine.  Offering the machine in either wheeled or track mounted chassis mean that all contractors can get the mobile machine that best suits their situation.

This machine sets the bar and goes on to break it again and again.


Why Use a Slow Speed Shredder

The slow speed shredder is the most cost effective approach to a shredding application, if the operator can do an application with a slow speed it is in their interest to do so, even if they have to use a screener to segregate oversize etc and run as a two machine operation.  Slow speed shredders are a lot cheaper to run than high speed shredders.  As a general rule of thumb, a slow speed shredder costs on average £2 per ton as opposed to the high speed shredder which costs anything from £8-12 per ton.  The reason for this is down to wear, fuel and the potential of high speed damage.  If there is an application that an operator can use a slow speed to do a job efficiently, it is extremely more feasible to do it with the slow speed.

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Some Further Slow Speed Information


Twin Shaft Vs Single Shaft Shredders

The utilisation of a twin shaft shredder means that the overall length of the machine can be reduced as the there is a wider shredding surface area as opposed to a single shaft that has to increase the length of the shredding shaft to have an equivalent shredding sized chamber.  This therefore means that twin shaft machine is a more compact unit.

Some operators will argue which machine is the best, but they both have their benefits.  The twin shaft is a very aggressive machine with shafts that can be setup to rotate against each other, in the same direction as each other, one shaft faster or slower than the other, the options are vast.  The benefit of these functions allows the machine to be setup to shred an application perfectly or as close too.  Running one shaft slightly quicker than the other tends to keep shafts cleaner (therefore meaning that the teeth are doing their job), backing up on the shafts turning them in opposite direction means that material is less likely to bridge over the mouth of shredding chamber allowing the teeth on shaft to grab the material to pull it into shredding chamber, most twin shafts give variations of shaft setup to nail down on the application to do as best a job as possible within reason.

  • Teeth Configuration – 774 vs 994 – Most twin shaft shredders in the UK are probably of a 774 configuration meaning that there are 7 rows of teeth in quadrants split at 12, 3, 6 & 9 o’clock on shaft, the double 7  meaning twin shaft.  This is a very versatile setup and allows for good production with a decent reduction ration, whereas a 994 configuration would have 9 rows of teeth same idea as the 774 only 9 rows of teeth.  This is particularly useful when shredding green waste where long branchy material can get through and bridged causing blockages on the 774, whereas a 994 has less void space meaning that the material is more likely to get shredded smaller not causing a blockage.
  • Breaker Bar – Further refinements on these machines include different breaker bar configurations that allows the operator to either make the breaker bar more serrated to cut material up more, or more narrow breaker bar to do a rougher shred with increased production tonnage more in mind.

Single shaft shredders have their benefits, the two main names being the Doppstadt DW range or the Komptech Terminator.  With benefits of being able to change the teeth on these machines by simply unbolting teeth and re-bolting in new teeth means that general maintenance is very quick and not requiring any real expertise as opposed to a twin shaft where the teeth have to be rebuilt up with harddox or welded back on.

The Operator can purchase longer teeth on a slow speed changing them to suit different applications making them more aggressive by changing the teeth as opposed to changing the two shafts.  Whilst the Doppstadt doesn’t counter rotate its shaft to dislodge blockages, the Terminator does which makes it the more versatile slow speed shredder for most applications.

In general the most versatile machine in terms of capabilities and further refining is the twin shaft, but for a general versatility machine that does an adequate job on most applications the single shaft is probably the best option.

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