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Thames Materials Buy New 80′ Tracked Radial Conveyor Stockpiler

Thames Materials Buy New 80′ Tracked Radial Conveyor Stockpiler

25th October 2016

Earth Equipment are very excited that Thames Materials London Ltd (arguably one of the main privately owned recycled aggregate producers in London) have invested in a new Maximus 80ft Tracked Radial Conveyor Stockpiler.

This machine is supplied with a track mounted chassis, an 80ft conveyor with a maximum discharge height of just under 11m giving this machine an immense stockpile capacity.  If this wasn’t enough it comes with the added capability of slewing the machine around on a 5th wheel like an excavator, means that this machine can work in a full 0-360 degree angle.

This machine is the perfect addition to any yard looking to produce large stock piles.  Giving the operator the option of using this machine secondary under another machine, or to allow the operator to utilise the huge 9.2m^3 feeder and load directly into the hopper with either a shovel or excavator meaning that it is a truly versatile piece of kit capable of handling whatever you throw at it.

Tracked Radial Conveyor

Tracked Radial Conveyor

Why Use a Maximus Mobile Tracked Radial Conveyor

The Maximus Mobile Tracked Radial Conveyor offer the operator huge incentives in terms of very large stock piles, getting material into spaces that they couldn’t normally and reducing material degradation.  In a recycling yard, one of the most expensive machines to run is the wheeled shovel, between fuel use, maintenance, wear and driver wages the associated costs can soon escalate.  Most shovel operators are extremely busy maintaining stock pile heights and moving materials from a to b that adding another stock pile etc is just too much to ask.  Mobile conveyor allow the operator to simply discharge the screened material onto a conveyor and discharge it in a large stockpile a good distance away from the screen.  This simple remedy has numerous benefits.


  • Reduced Fuel usage
  • Improved site organisation
  • Reduced wear
  • Reduced maintenance
  • No material degradation (material transported by a shovel is stockpile, then the shovel stockpiles on top of that material, and then it drives up on a stock pile to increase height of stockpile compacting material and creating more fines etc)
  • Reduced driver fatigue
  • Less chance of accidents or damage on site
  • Reduced chance of cross contamination of products (shovel bucket not emptied fully between loads)
  • Huge stockpile height capabilities
  • Using the sites/yards area to its full potential
  • Conveying material out of a place a shovel or excavator can’t get access too
  • Radial function to turn with the push of a button to maximise stockpile capability

To name a few, it is a very simple solution to so many site requirements.  At least one mobile conveyor should be within every contractors arsenal of products.

Give us a call or get in touch if you would like to buy, discuss or have a general enquiry about a mobile screener in and around London UK, Bristol, South Wales, or pretty much the whole South UK.

Click here to see a video of this machine working in London

80' tracked radial conveyor