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Powerscreen Warrior 1400x – Rescue, Reclaim and Remediate: Poetry in Motion

Powerscreen Warrior 1400x – Rescue, Reclaim and Remediate: Poetry in Motion

24th July 2023

Powerscreen Warrior 1400X:

Transforming Landmark with Precision Screening, from Waste to Wonder!


Exciting times are ahead at Landmark as Earth Equipment proudly introduces the new Powerscreen Warrior 1400X with a powerful Tier 5 engine. Designed to tackle Landmark’s material screening needs, this cutting-edge equipment promises to revamp the site, enabling the reuse of -20mm material for gardens while expertly separating oversize material for crushing hardcore for various applications.

The Powerscreen Warrior: Unmatched Screening Efficiency:

With the arrival of the Powerscreen Warrior, Landmark gains access to a formidable screening solution. The equipment’s robust design and precision screening capabilities are set to elevate Landmark’s operations to new heights. Whether it’s soil, aggregates, or rubble, the Warrior 1400X delivers unparalleled efficiency in separating material, paving the way for sustainable reuse.

Sustainable Landscaping: Reusing -20mm Material:

Landmark’s vision for sustainable landscaping aligns perfectly with Earth Equipment’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Thanks to the Powerscreen Warrior 1400X, Landmark can now efficiently screen and reclaim -20mm material for garden use. This strategic approach not only reduces waste but also promotes eco-friendly practices, creating a positive impact on the environment and the community.

Crushing Hardcore with Precision:

Beyond the -20mm material, the Powerscreen Warrior 1400X also takes on the challenge of creating a +20mm product that can be crushed on site with ease. Crushing capabilities ensure that hardcore is processed efficiently, resulting in various useful applications. From road base construction to foundation aggregates, the crushed hardcore finds new life in vital infrastructure projects.

Unleashing the Potential of Landmark:

With Earth Equipment’s new Powerscreen Warrior 1400X, Landmark undergoes a transformation like never before. The site’s waste screening and crushing capabilities take a leap forward, unlocking new opportunities for resource recovery and sustainable practices. As the site maximizes the reuse of -20mm material and harnesses the power of crushed hardcore, Landmark’s potential flourishes, setting an example for responsible waste management in the industry.


The arrival of Earth Equipment’s Powerscreen Warrior 1400X marks a new era for Landmark, where precision screening and crushing redefine waste management possibilities. The equipment’s innovative features and Tier 5 engine ensure top-notch performance, enabling Landmark to reuse -20mm material for gardens and efficiently crush hardcore for essential applications. Together, Earth Equipment and Landmark are taking bold steps towards a greener and more sustainable future, setting a standard for responsible waste handling in the industry. Witness the transformation as the Powerscreen Warrior 1400X empowers Landmark to make a positive impact on the environment and the community.


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