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Ultimate Screening Machine Deal for 2023

Ultimate Screening Machine Deal for 2023

11th August 2023

Ultimate Screening Machine Deal

🌱 Excited to introduce the Metsberg T3000 Tracked Trommel! 🚜🛠️

As screening seasons in, this powerhouse is ready to redefine efficiency. With a robust 3.4m long drum and a 1.5m diameter, it’s designed to tackle a diverse range of materials – from topsoil, compost, waste and hardcore. The best part? Its interchangeable mesh drums allow you to adapt on the fly while giving the best aggressive scrubbing action of a mesh drum.

Powered by a Caterpillar 2.2 turbo diesel engine, this machine means business when it comes to delivering top-notch performance. And that’s not all – complete accessibility is a game-changer. The doors open up around the drum, allowing for easy maintenance, making sure your operations run smoothly.

Say goodbye to screening hassles and hello to convenience with our ultimate screening machine deal! For just £98,000, you can own this cutting-edge machine brand new, complete with a spare drum of your preferred aperture. Plus, we’ve got you covered with nationwide delivery across the UK.


Click here to see read more about the Metsberg T3000 tracked Trommel

Don’t miss out on this game-changer for your screening needs. Reach out to us to learn more and take your efficiency to the next level! 🌐🔍 #MetsbergT3000 #ScreeningSeason #EfficiencyUnleashed


Some of the finer detail

Metsberg T3000 is a small to medium sized trommel available for sale or rental, its the ultimate screening machine, with a 3.4m long x 1.5m diameter drum size of sieving media, which can be replaced (circa 10 mins) by simply opening the large side door and lifting out the drum.


A very well priced ultimate screening machine comes available with a spare drum delivered in the UK for under £100,000.00


Feed Conveyor

Hopper capacity 2.5m3 • Belt Width 1000mm • Belt Length 7600mm • Belt Spec Vulcanised 4-ply 5mm top • Drive Drum 280mm • Tail Drum 230mm • Gearbox Brevini RT160 • Hydraulic Motor Danfoss OMP315 • Variable Speed 0-13 rpm

Fines Conveyor

Stockpile Height 2.49m • Belt Width 900mm (36”) • Belt Length 1600mm • Belt Spec Vulcanised 3-ply 5mm top • Drive Drum 280mm • Tail Drum 230mm • Hydraulic Motor Danfoss OMT400

Oversize Conveyor

Stockpile Height 2.6m • Belt Width 750mm (30”) • Belt Length 8500mm • Belt Spec Vulcanised Chevron • Drive Drum 280mm • Tail Drum 230mm

Power Unit

Caterpillar 2.2 Turbo (44.7kW) Diesel

Main Frame

Tracked Undercarriage bolt-on “Trackline tracks and independent subframe”. 2500mm sprocket centres

(this unit can come on a wheel mounted chassis also)


System voltage 12v
2 No. Emergency Stops (1 right and 1 left)
Includes machine start, shut down, low oil pressure, high temperature and filter blockage


Length -3.4m x 1.5m Dia
Variable speed – 0-20 RPM

Transport Dimensions

Length 8.93m Width 2.2m Height 3.2m
Length 10.77m Width 2.2m Height 3.2m

Working Dimensions

Length 8.93m Width 2.2m Height 3.2m
Length 12.42m Width 2.2m Height 3.2m


Tracked and wheeled conveyor also available click here to see conveyor specs


Available for rental

Give us a call or get in touch if you would like to discuss mobile screen rental in the UK

Why Use a Metsberg T3000 Tracked Trommel

Reliable, self cleaning and precise

  • Using a small to medium interchangeable skeleton drum with interchangeable mesh at required hole size, these machines utilise huge surface area within a small foot print. Trommels consistently produce accurate sizing of almost any waste type, tumbling and sifting the material through while keeping the drum holes clean with a foldable brush.  Combined with high fuel efficiency, reliability and independent operation, it not only produces top quality material but benefits from very low operating costs.

Metsberg T3000 Trommels

  • Quick drum change enables you to change size grade from 5-100mm in moments [<10 min].  Utilising outstanding ergonomics, these machines are not only a luxury to work with but a pleasure to work on, centred around:


  • Short set up times thanks to simple hydraulically foldable and driven discharge conveyors, these machines can be folded up and ready for transport in under 10 minutes


  • Large protection doors, swing out engine unit, cartridge style components simple to remove and maintain.


  • Interchangeable drums with wrap around mesh, allow for quick changeover and maintenance.  These machines can screen any mediums if setup correctly.