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Why Buy a M&J M4000 shredder

Why Buy a M&J M4000 shredder

2nd August 2023

Why Buy a M&J M4000 shredder – Mobile Shredder

We believe its the best shredder on the market!


Heres Why


“The unchallenged champion of shredding solutions – the M&J M4000 mobile Pre Shredder. Holding the prestigious title of the world’s market leader, it embodies unrivaled robustness, ingenious innovation, and a future-ready design. M&J’s legacy in the waste shredding domain is unparalleled, and the M&J M4000 stands as a testament to this legacy. Crafted to exceed every expectation, it’s not just a machine; it’s an embodiment of engineering perfection, a shield against challenges, and a symbol of trust that precedes its formidable presence. Step into the future of shredding – step into the M&J M4000 era.”  This is Why Buy a M&J M4000 shredder


    • 🌀Large Capacity Feed Area (2420 x 2000) no need for a pusher here (load and repeat) – Blockages? not on our watch. Unload the shovel & unleash the Power 💪💪


    • ⚙️Open Table – Contaminates that block other machines can slip through, no basket cases here, zero drama – all performance! 🎭


    • 💥 Massive aggressive teeth – 80mm thick solid wear resistant teeth on two solid 6 ton shafts – Rip through anything with ease. ✂️


    • 🔄  Asynchronised shafts – shafts rotating in forward and reverse, shredding in both directions, cleaning itself as it goes – maximum output, minimal interruptions, More Cutting Edge! 🔪


    • 🛡️ Reliable & proven Technology all backed up by Core Industrial Solutions.  This powerhouse comes with a security blanket of industrial expertise. 🛠️


Embrace perfection in shredding with the M&J M4000 Mobile Shredder.  Unleash the ultimate power, efficiency and innovation – its the unrivalled choice for the best shredding experience worldwide!

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Large throughput

Throughput can be as high as 100 tons/hour, depending on the type of input, the number of knives specified for the cutting table, and the loading procedure. The interaction between the rotating knives on these two shafts running asynchronously and in both directions ensures that the input material is constantly in motion, thus preventing bridging and providing maximum shredding capacity.