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Holywell Haulage Invest in a New CRS Fines Recovery Plant

Holywell Haulage Invest in a New CRS Fines Recovery Plant

31st October 2018

Holywell Haulage go with Earth Equipment Ltd and invest in a new state of the art CRS fines recovery plant.

Holywell Haulage, Hemels number 1 for Grab & Skip hire wanted a bespoke solution to sort and separate their -50mm fines into recoverable products, Hardcore, Fines, Metals and Lights.


The Brief

  1. A solution that took the 50mm minus from the C&I (Commercial & Industrial) line and the C&D (Construction & Demolition) Line which where stockpiling separately, to be joined together and then put over the CRS Fines Plant.
  2. A solution that if the fines plant failed for some reason the material could bypass the feeder and be stockpiled eliminating any chance of creating a bottle neck which meant the plant had to shut down in its entirety.
  3. A feeder on the fines plant, that allowed the fines plant to run independently of the existing C&D and C&I plant.


The Solution

We installed collection conveyors to collect fines from both his C&I Line installing a new CRS 1200mm wide belt for his C&I Line, and utilising an existing conveyor but repositioning it for the C&D line which allowed both materials to discharge onto another existing conveyor that we reused which ran perpendicular to these two conveyor discharging the material out through the wall of the building.  The material was then fed into a chute which had the option of being flipped manually to one side or the other.  This allowed the material to either be fed into the hopper of the fines recovery plant or to bypass the hopper altogether.


Whist this application had a bespoke solution to fit conveyors into a very tight area that collected material to load into the hopper of the CRS fines recovery plant, the actual CRS Fines recovery plant did not change from its original design.

This fines recovery plant is the most popular fines plant in the UK, having built up a huge reputation

  1. Largest Fines Screen Box on the market (6m long x 1.6m wide)
  2. Versatility of screen box (angle of screening can be changed from 13 to 19 degrees) with the option of changing the stroke of the box also
  3. Constant drive of the screen box, the CRS box uses cams to drive the flip flow mats which means that they are getting as much energy as possible, as opposed to just using the momentum of the box to shake the mats.
  4. The ASU (Air Separation Unit) with its two air knife nozzles which can be manoeuvred electrically along the horizontal and vertical planes to position the air knifes in the best position in correlation to the material being discharged from the screen box.  This control, which is simply pressing a button allows for the quick changeover of settings should the material come in saturated or very dry etc which all effects the density of the material.


Earth Equipment would like to thank Holywell Haulage for their business and hop to do much more business with them in the future.


If you would like any further information on static or mobile fines plants please do not hesitate to get in touch, if you want to read more about the static fines plants we do click here